. letter-spacing:px; from, 60%, 75%, 90%, to { At the end of the film, Scar is torn to shreds by his angry hyena minions, or at least … The Lion Kings. - In the Castilian and Finnish versions, though they didn't dub him in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Ricado Solans and Jukka-Pekka Palo reprised their role as Scar here in The Lion Guard. Like Kion, Scar was also gifted with The Roar of the Elders, which causes the lions of the Pride Lands' past to roar with the user. background-position: ; Nicknames src: url(/wp-content/themes/mrta/custom-fonts/2F0402_0_0.eot); /* widget titles */ As a member of the Lion Guard, Scar views Fuli as an enemy. -webkit-transition:opacity s ease 0s, top 0s ease s; opacity: 1; Later, when Mzingo informs Janja's clan of Kion's new position, Janja wonders how that could be possible, since Scar was the last lion to lead the Guard, up until he eliminated them. * nav .taptap-main-wrapper { That was just the story of how Scar received the wound. This is a fanmade/unofficial channel with news and clips of Disney's hit series, The Lion Guard. /* submenu */ The Keenest of Sight Member of Scar's Lion Guard is a character in the Disney Junior animated series, The Lion Guard. As the leader and fiercest member of the group, Askari was bestowed a power called the "Roar of the Elders" by the Great Lions of the Past which, when used, would cause the  Great Lions of the Pride Lands' past to roar with him, which made him feel powerful. /* menu item hovers */ After Mzingo delivers the news of the new Lion Guard being formed, Janja tells his clan the legend of the Lion Guard and explains how Scar destroyed his guard. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. } /* show hovers on non-touch devices only */ In addition, it was also revealed that Scar's descent into fury was a result of being ridiculed by a teenage Mufasa, and giving the nickname "Scar," after his facial wound, whilst Scar himself was looking for praise, showing how truly petty Scar is. max-width:px; window.location.href = (url ? -moz-transition:all s ease !important; According to Scar, he met him when he was still the leader of the Lion Guard (going under the name Askari) at the time while scouting the Outlands alone. As traditional for all second-born children of the royal family, Askari was tasked with leading the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life. color:; mg_inl_slider_pause_on_h = false; -webkit-transition:-webkit-transform s ease, top 0s ease 0s; Best Places To Study Abroad For Architecture, } Let's see if you can name all 40 of these characters without any help at all. Mzingo obeys every word of Scar as seen during "The Scorpion's Sting", when he and his parliament swoop down to try and get the ash from Makini but fail, much to the dismay of Scar, who is barley able to please the evil lion. She is a previous participant in the Disney College Program and has years of experience with Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts and with Universal Orlando Resort. var ulp_onexit_popup = ""; Spirit .taptap-menu-active .taptap-main-menu-button-four div.taptap-main-menu-button-four-middle:before, /* MISC */ gg_galleria_img_crop = true; .taptap-by-bonfire ul li.current-menu-item > a:hover { color:; } @keyframes moveUp { In The Morning Report, Scar is aware of the knowledge that the hornbill possesses even calling him the keeper of the Pride Lands' secrets. color:; /* background pattern */ .taptap-menu-active .taptap-main-menu-button-five:after, Basi was shocked and terrified to find out that Scar had returned. When Scar was a cub, he was called Taka. .taptap-search-overlay { animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(0.215, 0.610, 0.355, 1.000); According to Scar, he met him when he was still the leader of the Lion Guard (going under the name Askari) at the time while scouting the Outlands alone. background-color:; This represents the complete Lion King family tree as we currently know it. .taptap-search-button::after, /* background color */ Scar, along with his brother Mufasa, were born during Uru's reign to Ahadi and Uru, he was named Taka because he is Mufasa's littermate, thus what caused him to hate Mufasa and wanted to be king. Despite all this, Scar still uses him in his plans and Nne hopes that one day the Pride Lands will be theirs. Mufasa. url(/wp-content/themes/mrta/custom-fonts/2F0402_0_0.woff2) format('woff2'), The Lion Guard are the titular characters in 2015 TV movie The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and it's 2016 TV series The Lion Guard.. Scar is an animated character who appears as the main antagonist in Disney's The Lion King franchise.He was created in 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton, and animated by Andreas Deja.The Pride Lands' reclusive heir presumptive, Scar is introduced in the first film as Simba's uncle and Mufasa's younger brother. .taptap-main-wrapper-active { border:none; In their respective media, she is never confirmed to be anything more than a follower and mother to his handpicked heir, Kovu. 0% { background-color:#ffffff; } /* background image opacity + horizontal/vertical alignment */ He also orders his whole army to attack Jasiri's clan  in "The Hyena Resistance". */ .taptap-header-bg-image { The Lion Guard Kion (voiced by Max Charles, singing voice by Aaron Daniel Jacob in season 3) – A lion who is Simba and Nala's... Bunga (voiced by Joshua Rush) – A honey badger who is the bravest member of the Lion Guard. Ushari is an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-one of the secondary antagonists in The Lion Guard. Keto Chicken Vegetable Soup, .taptap-menu-button-wrapper:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-six:before, /* headings */ Despite his stubbornness, Bupu is afraid of Scar. Kion then uses the Roar successfully and blows away all the Outsiders. }); mg_galleria_fx = ''; }); /* search button label font + theme font */ As punishment for using the Roar of the Elders for evil, Scar became weakened by this misdeed and lost the ability to use the Roar forever, making him shriveled and worse. He is Simba's uncle and arch-nemesis, Kion and Kiara's grand-uncle, Mufasa's younger brother and arch-rival, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed's former leader and boss, and Zira's friend. animation: both 0.5s navResize; /* search form background + background color + animation speed */ transform: translateX(0); var ulp_onload_close_delay = "0"; } Poiesis Definition Medical, Scar was the younger brother of Mufasa, the uncle of Simba, granduncle of Kiara and Kion, and the brother-in-law of Sarabi. In the novel A Tale of Two Brothers, Scar was once named Taka (meaning \"wish\" or \"want\" in Swahili), and had become upset when he learned that his older brother Mufasa was chosen to be king over himself. Zira talks to Kion and … During his younger years, as leader of his Guard, Scar often did patrols on his own, showing his confidence. -moz-transform:translateY(-125%) scale(0.75); .taptap-main-menu-button-two:after, Pride Rock, Pride Lands Outlands Volcano, Outlands In the novel A Tale of Two Brothers, Scar was once named Taka (meaning \"wish\" or \"want\" in Swahili), and had become upset when he learned that his older brother Mufasa was chosen to be king over himself. _paq.push(['setSiteId', '1']); .taptap-menu-active:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-three div.taptap-main-menu-button-three-middle:before, Ora and his minions attack the Lion Guard. Worried that he may be following in Scar's footsteps with his temper, Kion later talks to Mufasa, who tells him that Scar held no interest in helping others, caring only for himself. .taptap-background-overlay { /* menu button animations (-/X) */ .taptap-menu-button-wrapper:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-five div.taptap-main-menu-button-five-middle:before, } } .taptap-main-menu-button-two:after, line-height:px; They then explain that it was actually a very big and strong gorilla named Shujaa who defeated them, not the Lion Guard and that he was able to tear apart the landscape easily. It is also revealed that prior to Simba's return, Scar chose Zira's youngest cub, Kovu to be his heir. gg_back_to_gall_scroll = false; setTimeout(function(){ jQuery('.gg_gallery_wrap').css('width', '300px'); }, 250); transform:translateY(0) translateX(0); .taptap-menu-button-label { However, the stories were confirmed to be non-canon with the films and television series. Among those lionesses was Zira, whom Scar trusted enough to share the secrets about the Roar of the Elders. /* menu font */ var ulp_onidle_period = "5"; He follows them to the watering hole and encounters a lioness, Zira, with her daughter Vitani. /* search close button hover */ transform: translateX(70%); It makes perfect sense then that it means “king” in the Manazoto language. .taptap-logo a { -webkit-transform:translateY(0) translateX(-125%) scale(0.75); .taptap-logo a:hover { color:; } Reptiles Are Abhorrent: The show seems to treat him somewhat unfairly due to his being a snake (and a venomous species, at that). color:; .taptap-menu-button-wrapper:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-five:after, 100% { But Scar became infuriated and roared at the lion and cobra with the Roar, blasting them towards the volcano where they were destroyed. The mark on his shoulder used to be a paw print, but a sizzle reel showed that this was swapped out for the current lion head. h4 { } .tp-caption a{color:#ff7302;text-shadow:none;-webkit-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-moz-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-o-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-ms-transition:all 0.2s ease-out}.tp-caption a:hover{color:#ffa902} .taptap-widgets-wrapper .widget a { Application Of Analytical Chemistry, /* SEARCH */ After Kiburi was told by Ushari that if he killed Simba he could rule the Pride Lands, Nduli and the others attempted to do so but failed and were exiled and forced to move into the Outlands where they met Scar and since then have been his minions. He had a triangular face and a pale muzzle and underbelly. .taptap-by-bonfire .sub-menu a:hover i, 0% { Voice Actor Required fields are marked *. } mg_full_deeplinking = false; Later, in Battle for the Pride Lands, Kiara sees Scar and is afraid of her granduncle. /* search form close button */ opacity: 0; @font-face { .taptap-background-color { .taptap-main-menu-button-six:after { text-align: left; gg_galleria_fx = ''; **************************************************************/ opacity:; The name "Mufasa" has an unknown origin, previously attributed to a fictional language called Manazoto. Adult Art (c) Me Background (c) Disney. .taptap-menu-button-wrapper:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-two div.taptap-main-menu-button-two-middle:before, Here's a quick overview followed by a full analysis: A mysterious lion plants the seeds of rebellion in young Scar's mind But one day when they were playing near the outlands, they got attacked, and Dashie died. Lion Guard (formerly) Pride Landers (formerly) Simba's Pride (formerly) The Fastest Lion is a lion who lived in Pride Lands. Scar saying his final words before he's defeated by Kion, Kion tells Scar's reflection that they're not the same. 0% { I really like it when Simba Kiara and the Lion Guard especially Kion battling Scar. All rights reserved. } .taptap-search-close-wrapper:hover .taptap-search-close-inner::before, .taptap-background-image { Taka was betrothed to Sarafina, who had feelings for him. margin-top:px; Scar is jealous of Simba's position as the next king of the Pride Lands, so he plots to kill his brother and nephew, in order to seize the throne.To carry out his plans, Scar recruits three spotted hyenas; Shenzi, Banzai and Ed — who gladly do his bidding in exchange for food. Zira's faithfulness to Scar lead her to attempt to continue his legacy through his protege Kovu at long last, years after Scar's defeat by the claws of Simba. Scar is later mentioned again when, after arriving at Pride Rock, Kongwe confesses that not even she is sure how to defeat Scar, but assures everyone that they will find the solution eventually and that they just need to look. Rani responds stating she already heard it from her grandma, also mentioning she learned what "Sisi ni sawa" means from her grandmother Janna. }; Title: Fire Scar Lion Guard; Date: September 04, 2018; Size: 774kB; Resolution: 1004px x 1080px; Download Image. } It is adapted from the chart in The Lion King World Wide Web Archive FAQ Section.After the family tree a short biographical sketch of each character is given. \"Set in the African Savanna, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar follows Kion as he assembles the members of the Lion Guard\", a news release for the show reads. -webkit-transition:opacity s ease 0s, top 0s ease 0s; The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Learning how to summon the Bad Lions of the Past. Best Places To Study Abroad For Architecture, left:px; .taptap-search-clear::after { background-color:; } " /> Résumé: Shani vous raconte l'histoire tragique de son grand oncle Scar ou appelé auparavant Taka. Scar is the main antagonist of The Lion King franchise. mg_filters_behav = 'standard'; -moz-transform:translateY(0) translateX(0); Scar tells Ushari about the time he led his own lion guard and how he got his scar!Watch Lion Guard on Disney Junior and in the DisneyNOW app!Zuka Zama! gg_columnized_max_w = 260; color:; .taptap-menu-button-wrapper:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-two:before, -webkit-transition:opacity s ease, top 0s ease 0s; var ulp_onscroll_mode = "none"; //$('.nav').toggleClass('open'); gg_delayed_fx = true; .taptap-menu-active .taptap-main-menu-button-three:after, transition:opacity s ease 0s, top 0s ease s; A painting of Scar and Zira is seen briefly in the Lair of the Lion Guard, as Rafiki reveals the paintings of Lion Guard's past. Instead of thanking Scar for his heroic act, Mufasa laughs at him and calls him Scar, giving him the name he would be called the rest of his days. Before the The Lion Guard revealed Scar's true name to be Askari, written works such as the book The Lion King: Six New Adventures had his name as Taka, which is Sawhili for 'trash' or 'garbage'. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. var ulp_onload_popup = ""; opacity: 1; background-color:; } If you're a real Lion King lover, you will know each and every one of these characters, but if you ever need a little help, we'll give you some hints along the way. As an teenager, his mane was short and reached his chest, but this grew bigger as an adult, stretching to his underbelly. So he comes up with a new plan. Best Places To Study Abroad For Architecture. Scar deliberately scared them into hiding behind a rock in "The Fall of Mizimu Grove". His chosen path was put to a halt after Simbatook back the throne fro… We first learn that Scar used to lead The Lion Guard back in the day. Simba's Pride (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly) Lion Guard (formerly)Outlanders (formerly)Evil Lion of the Past (formerly)Army of Scar (formerly) .taptap-by-bonfire .sub-menu a i { var ulp_onabd_mode = "none"; .taptap-by-bonfire ul.sub-menu li.full-item-arrow-hover > a, } Not much of this member's personality is known. The Lion Guard: The Wrath of Scar is an upcoming American-South Korean film based on the Disney Junior television series of the same name, co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mercury Filmworks, and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. He then decides that both he and his clan will strike that night to stop the new guard being formed, taking down all the animals they can. 2. // Media Grid global dynamic vars var _paq = window._paq || []; /* HEADING IMAGE */ -moz-transition:opacity s ease 0s, top 0s ease s; .taptap-main-menu-button-five div.taptap-main-menu-button-five-middle:before, } -moz-transition:opacity s ease, top 0s ease s; .taptap-background-image-active { /* LOGO */ Kiburi despite obeying every command of Scar's (unless he does not understand it) almost always fails to please him, often making him angry. #primary-menu,#menu-projects,#menu-office,#menu-news,.mgom_layer,body,.taptap-by-bonfire .sub-menu a,.taptap-by-bonfire ul li a { font-family: 'Roboto'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; } -moz-transform:translateY(0) translateX(-100%); mg_monopage_filter = false; .taptap-main-menu-button-five div.taptap-main-menu-button-five-middle:before, /* show header shadow */ Scar refused and killed both the lion and the snake. } /* MENU ITEM ICONS */ .taptap-main-menu-button:after, /* menu contents horizontal alignment */ .taptap-menu-active:hover .taptap-main-menu-button-four:before, -webkit-transition:-webkit-transform s ease 0s, top 0s ease 0s !important; left:px; In a news article, Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu are noted to be his descendants. But one day when they were playing near the outlands, they got attacked, and Dashie died. Aminifu hates Scar. Years later when he and his brother are adults, his nephew Simba was born and stripped him of his position as Mufasa's current heir in the process. After Simba ran away into exile as a cub, Nala found him when he grew older and told him to come back. Over time, Scar became the fiercest member of his Lion Guard and used to mostly patrol on his own. .taptap-menu-active .taptap-main-menu-button-six:after { background-color:; } He somehow knew Askari was second-best in power to his older brother by the name of King Mufasa , yet possesses a special power called the Roar of the Elders, which is always granted to every leader of the Lion Guard. $('.hamburger').on('click', function(){ .taptap-main-menu-button-four div.taptap-main-menu-button-four-middle:before, Nduli despite obeying every command of Scar's almost always fails to please him, often making him angry. color:; Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sarabi is Scar's sister-in-law. mg_rtl = false; top:px; }) Scar got his nickname from Mufasa, after being bitten in the face as an adolescent by a cobra after being led to him by a strange lion, telling him that the most powerful lion should be the real king and that when he helped him both could rule over everything.