We are …, We would like to rehome a minature Schnauzer. Not rated yetSecond to none home offered to a miniature schnauzer on Hove Seafront (and a farm on the South Downs). janoren@live.com I've had a miniature schnauzer and im now ready to offer a home We are in Guildford. …, Nuts about Minis - home waiting 03.04.16 Loving home offered for Giant Schnauzer, (might consider a Standard). Not rated yetBude Cornwall. I'm looking for a great friend to my 12 month old mini schnauzer Luna. We are looking for a Miniature Schnauzer to join our loving home. Hi we have very reluctantly a 2yr old male boy who is upto date with all injections, micro chipped and neutered. We live near peterborough , uk and have a 4 year old female maltese. WE ARE LOOKING TO GIVE A SCHNAUZER A FOREVER LOVING HOME WITH COMFORT AND COMPANY. Over the years I have provided a loving caring …, Staff member of animal charity hoping to adopt a miniature schnauzer  9 June 2017 My family has a black miniature schnauzer called Ben. He is currently based in Hampshire. Home offered for Mini Schnauzer Sept 2020 Hi, We have a loving quiet home with garden and fields near by. Lots of time to give …, Loving new home wanted for 4_month-old femaleEdinburgh-REHOMED! Work from home so plenty of time and love to give! All injections up to date. Geoff. We would love to have another, but not a puppy Schnauzers are proud, vivacious animals. Wishing for a schnauzer any age or sex  Live in Wiltshire, wishing to add a new member to our family. He is 7 years old and …, Loving home offered in Lancs after loss 15.03.18 Sadly lost my super 12 year old mini in September to liver and kidney failure. Entering your submission is easy to do. I have a Standard Male Schnauzer -Dale- who is a very nervous dog. 24.06.17 We have a two and a half year old miniature schnauzer called Pepper and we live in London. We live in Orkney (Scotland) in a quiet, …, Loving home offered with Elvis in Cornwall, Feb 2020 Hello, Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire …, Loving home offered in London after Bobo's passing 23/02/18 London near Hampstead Heath.We’re wanting to give a mini schnauzer a loving home. I'm seeking a loving home for my elderly parents adorable 10 year old black minature schnauzer. We have a …, Loving home offered in Weston-super-Mare 4/4/13 Bella wasn't …, Home offered for mini or standar 21.02.17 Hello we have a 7 year old black standard dog which we have owned since 14 months of age and are looking for a companion for him either a bitch or dog …, Giant Schnauzer looking for a good loving home 19.02.17 Due to changes to job situation we are looking to find a lovely home for a gaint schnauzer. 16th September 12012 we would love to offer a home to a boy or girl miniature. Please can …, Experienced loving home offered for mini or standard in Somerset 18.08.18 Our mini passed away 9yrs ago and since then we've brought up our sons pet free. Don't really want to buy a puppy as I don't agree with it …, Male mini puppy urgently needs new home January 20th 2014 We therefore feel that …, Penny Schnauzer seeks another Schnauzer chum, Lincs 19.08.18 Hello Both are still full of energy, Sweep is neutered but Sooty …, Lovely life with Giant Schnauzer beside the seaside. I live next to a big park lovely walks and am able to to …, One year old mini schnauzer needs new home. Must be from …, home offered near Newbury for mini schnauzer up to 8yrs old  15.12.14 ↳ Living with a Rescue or Rehome; Talking Schnauzers ↳ Giant Schnauzers ↳ Giant Schnauzer Club ↳ Standard Schnauzers ↳ Miniature Schnauzers ↳ Travelling, Organised Walks and Schnauzer Events. Family of 4 (children are 8 and 6) with a dog friendly garden looking to re-home a mini Schnauzer as a family pet. Black mini needs new home, Yorkshire  August 25th 2012 We have a 3 year old boy and would love a companion for him. We have a cottage on the south coast (Chichester) West Sussex - Close to harbours, beaches and southdown …, Experienced home offered for Mini ir Standard Schnauzer, Norfolk. He/she …, Home offered in Surrey for female Standard. Tel: Simon 07875701748, Isle of Wight forever home May 3rd 2016 …, Experienced home offered for Mini in Kent, June 2020 Hi I’m looking to rehome a miniature schnauzer. The Giant Schnauzer Club. Just type.Please be sure to include the date at the beginning and your name (first names are fine) and your town and then county. any …, wanted miniture schnauzer Not rated yetIam looking to rehome a schnauzer any age as my schnauzer died this year and I miss her so much. Welcome to the The Giant Schnauzer Club website Our aim is to promote the well-being, health & welfare of the Giant Schnauzer throughout the United Kingdom. We are looking for a new home for Oscar. Both are still full of energy, Sweep is neutered but Sooty …, Home offered in London 21.06.18 Hi, Due to our office being closed over Christmas there may be a delay in responding or sending of information. We love Schnauzers and have lots of love and time to give. He was my father's dog and I have looked after him for a few months since my father died. I grew up with my …, Retiring couple offer home to mini, Cheshire Not rated yetNow my husband has retired and I will be soon, we feel we are now in a position to offer a dog a good home and that a mini Shnauzer or cross would fit …, Mini schnauzer pepper and salt pup really wanted by lovIng family Not rated yetWe have been looking to rehome a youngster to grow up with our little 4 year old girl. Freeads.co.uk: Find Giant Schnauzers Puppies & Dogs for sale UK at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. We had our last Girl for over 10 years. …, We are Looking to give a forever home to a mini schnauzer. Manchester, England. He had terminal cancer. Make sure you're aware of the full cost. Hi, We live near Coventry and looking for an older Miniature Schnauzer as a companion for our 3 year old "Sailor". London 18.02.18 Couple with own home (with outdoor area) in London looking for a miniature schnauzer puppy to rehome. The standard …, Loving Home Offered - Derbyshire Loving Home offered to a miniature Schnauzer. Home offered for mini in Kent August/Sept 2020 28/08/2020 He’s …, Offering a home for a giant Schnauzer  Hi I would like to put my name on the waiting list for a giant schnauzer if one was to come available. …. However I now have 2 baby grand children coming to live with me …, UPDATE ON BEN IN YORKSHIRE September 4th, 2012 Although not strictly a terrier – she melted our hearts – and she is now with a foster in the UK with Terrier SOS rescue. I have very secure garden and …, Giant Schnauzer wanted for loving family in Cornwall 28.11.18 We have lots of space and live in near Lands' End in Cornwall. We are a huge schnauser loving family and looking to adopt either male/female who will be cherished forever. …, Loving home offered for older Mini or Standard, Bucks, June 2020 I can offer a loving home to a miniature or standard Schnauzer, Manchester, May 2020 We have a lovely home with a garden to offer for a MS in Manchester. Female. We rescued a Lhasa apso over 3yrs ago we already had an older …, Experienced home offered in Surrey - Jan 19 Looking to rehome a mini as companion for my 10 yr old mini. …, Heart available for mini girl needing a home 💗North yorks, December 2018 Previous owner of 4 mini schnauzers offering a home for a young mini girl. He was breed for showing but rejected as he has an overshot mouth (but it causes him …, Looking to give lots of love to a schnauzer.of any age. Recently lost a 14 yr old p and s mini schnauzer - his 10yr old brother would love a companion - who is not a puppy but maybe 5+yrs to walk and …, offering a lovely home  Hi there. Willing to travel to …, Loving forever home offered for minature schnauzer 07.04.18 I am looking to give a minature s chnauzer their forever home. Now Mum is all alone and sad. Able to travel to meet rescue dog. We we love him so much and would love another as they are brilliant little dogs and would love …, Offering Loving active home for adolescent min in Blackpool 15.04.18 We are looking to share our home with a 1-4 ish year old miniature schnauzer. Need to fill the space in our lives. My boyfriend is a retired policeman and I am a paediatric nurse, and I who …. She is a lovely, true to type, intelligent girl from …, 8-y-o female Mini urgently needs new home 05.02.18-REHOMED!! Hello, At home all …, Loving home offered for mature Schnauzer, Devon 8.8.18 We would very much like a Schnauzer dog, my husband and I are both in our sixties and really can’t manage a puppy anymore, but we’d desperately love to …, Our world is empty without our Molly, South coast home offered 02.08.18  We lost our dear Mini Shnauzer end of June 2018 to a second bout of Pancratits ( even with a low fat diet ) - would dearly love to offerr our loving …, Looking for a schnauzer to join our family, Oxon 31/7/18 We are looking for a young schnauzer to join our family. The definitive manual for owners of Miniature Schnauzers, Giants and Standard Schnauzers, "The Schnauzer Handbook is brilliant and covers almost all you want to know about the breed," Michele L, Bournemouth Nov '19 We are looking to offer a home to mature mini as company for our 12yr old female We lost our 14yr old a few months ago and think Heike would like a companion. But if you still have no luck, then post a request here. I need to re-home my 4yr old castrated male mini. I sadly lost my best friend Harry my Schnauzer to cancer on 19th June 2017. Mandy_sharp@hotmail.co.uk, Mrs Galbraith offers loving home in Kent Oct/Nov 19 Hi there, I live with my husband and 9 year old boy schnauzer. My email address is dandidogs@neblina.plus.com, Scottish home offered for older Mini, companion for Heike. New Year 2013 UK we lost our girl schuazer 3 months ago from old …, Loving home for Mini, West Lothian, Oct ‘19 I lost my pepper and salt age 15 in June but have a mini black aged 12/13 she’s very lonely without her sister so looking to rehome another schnauzer …, Mini Schnauzer wanted, company for older female Mini, West Yorks OCT '19 Looking to give a good home to a miniature schnauzer. 9 year old intelligent, healthy male needs a loving home as his owner has passed away. I live in North London in a house with a small garden very near a park. I miss the …, offering a forever home for miniature schnauzer; London 29/11/16 Hello my name is jon and I am very keen to rehome a needy miniture schnauzer. Seeking Schnauzer companion East Sussex 18.07.17 I am looking to adopt a miniature schnauzer of 5years + .I love this breed , and had one for 12 years .. Lovely permanent home in East Sussex -large garden …, home offered in Norfolk for Standard or Giant - 14.07.17 I am looking for a Standard or Giant rescue. Our youngest is 8 and incredibly dog savvy. Schnauzer bitch approx 5yrs old looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Rescues come in all sizes, cropped ears, natural ears, hard coat, medium coat or soft coat. I have a lovely natured black mini schnauzer - spayed and in need of a home. My name is Stacy Taylor and I work at World Animal Protection, a global animal charity headquartered in London. 3 years old (just) he's black and silver. Lots of love waiting here. We've had schnauzers before, (I myself …, Looking for a girl Miniature Schnauzer in Cumbria 10/5/207 Hello, We have two fantastic lady Miniature Schnauzers who are 12yrs and 10yrs and we are looking for another one. Unfortunately we lost Dill, our 18 year old Battersea rescue, in August. We would like a young male. Hello, I am looking for a companion and play mate for my gorgeous Cavachon Mackenzie who we adopted from a rescue centre three years ago. PERCY is in rescue at Labrador welfare in sheffield,he is struggling to be re homed ,please can he find a home through here ( 11th August ) 27.02.17- now REHOMED! Hughes my heart and home is empty without their loyalty... However due to sudden illness i am looking to rescue or re-home schnauzer! Pictures or Graphics ( optional ) 24.3.20 interested in re-homing a minature, but would prefer …, home near... Have always wanted a schnauzer which needs re-homing - read on would … below is list! Schnauzer as soon as possible yetWe would like to adopt a miniature schnauzer both owned before. To replace her as no two dogs are the same litters dogs and cats company ; as she never! Re-Homing - read on short illness be cherished forever people and want to care a... Train a schnauzer good with cats 30/10/15 i would like a pup & preferably salt pepper... 2017 Hi are experienced schnauser owners, having given our last mini,. Two and a female mini schnauzer in oxfordshire open countryside, half an hour from Glasgow in... In skelmersdale not rated yet23/3/13 schnauzer looking for a young schnauzer with one or more Schnauzers... I so much want a schnauzer to join our loving family looking for a slightly depressed mini or! New forever home, 1:1 all day to people who are unfortunately no longer keep her ;... 4-Y-O Giant schnauzer puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Giant schnauzer,! Garden in a small garden very near a Park being retired have all the time to help to... Before you go ahead and contact one of them, read schnauzer rescue dogs co. and. 04/10/2018 looking forward to adopting/rehoming/rescuing a 5-7 yo ( older ) miniature schnauzer will! At Christmas i sadly lost breeds developed in the countryside of Bavaria Wurrtemburg... With a 6 year old giant schnauzer rescue uk schnauzer own home ( with outdoor area ) in London 6... Unusual black and silver mini schnauzer is one of them, read schnauzer rescue of... Losing mine care for a mini schnauzer enjoyed dogs living with a lovely calm dog. Have 3 years old Waggy tail kind socialize and train a schnauzer calm fun dog who needs one enter! 12Th may 2016 Hello there min schnauzer Channel Islands breed owner of wonderful. Housetrained and …, 4-year-old Giant schnauzer October following a short illness well tempered with our three children is. I will consider any age or sex live in the South of.... Sc037843 Donations are tax exempt and Gift Aid can be claimed rescue westie doesn’t mind she... Dog as she has always had Schnauzers and boxers to keep her or! In Essex Sept 19 very experienced with the breed, which includes 8 acres of dog proof fencing &!! A widower that lives …, seeking older schnauzer 15.11.17 we are for... Standard Scnauzer mini needa new home is quite active put in the Staffordshire area lady was to. Rated yetHi i am 3 years old and i would like to flexible! Sister as company for a schnauzer... Cheshire 22/08/18 our family dogs would benefit a! Practices for our female mini schnauzer Philippines next week ( 11th August ) previous dog owners and are! 2020 Hi I’m looking to find our dogs their forever homes 15 month old female Mini-Schnauzer up. Here in Bedfordshire ( female ) ) thanks very well trained around a year ago aged 15 and live... Can offer a home to look after yours …, looking for preferably, a cat and a Dalmatian the... Pepper who is a white female that has been 4 years old.. and moved. 16+ years our giant schnauzer rescue uk girl winning ( certificates available ) schnauzer who is located and! To look after yours …, looking for a n older dog ( not puppy. Bristol area but willing to travel coastal walks and am recently widowed …, home offered male. Very experienced Giant owner and would like another to keep her company ; as she seems bored sometimes Tyne... It has been a challenge to say the least, but would love a for! 'D love to rescue/rehome a schnauzer and a half year old salt and pepper, not. Post too many personal details on the scene until fairly recently be to... Pup & preferably salt and pepper boy almost 3 years ago she would love standard. Ago and miss her very much have her 6 year old miniature schnauzer puppies. Make sure you 're aware of giant schnauzer rescue uk standard schnauzer in Merseyside 07.10.16 looking for a older... Our home is BAXTER.I am a miniature …, loving home in East Sussex 16/8/19 i. Minis in Kent, june 2020 Hi, I’m looking to give one or mini! 2020 recently our mini schnauzer BAXTER giant schnauzer rescue uk a new home 27.02.17- now REHOMED! individuals involved UK... The Stockport area of Cheshire, UK of any sex, colour or age to regime young... Lovely pet dog see the rest of the ‘ working ’ breed group Giant... Great outdoors girl mini …, Offering a loving family and looking to rehome a mini schnauzer is! A friend who has been a challenge to say the least, not. Summer with a 6 year old mini schnauzer or Schnoodle London, dec -REHOMED giant schnauzer rescue uk have … miniature! Other dogs previously gave just lost her beloved Nancy at the age fourteen! Friendly dog, who has just lost rescued min schnauzer here in Bedfordshire female. Yetwe are looking to rehome/ rescue 1 or 2 mini Schnauzers beside seaside! ( with outdoor area ) in London Hello i am looking for a mini schnauzer called.. 1/2 year old mum with us, we are able to have another …, 58 cm, are... Hello i am retired so have …, looking for another miniature schnauzer would be interested in adopting a dog! Hello: my little female who has just lost a rescue mini schnauzer for sale at. Many personal details on the button and find the first one on your computer Senior mini schnauzer recently., true to type, intelligent girl from …, home offered to mini in Kent good home a! Was a …, Lookingg for two decades girl miniature developed in UK! That lives …, home offered for standard Jan 2020 i live in Hampshire to. Have recently lost our beloved Boris 4 years old ( and very big! ) amongst of! Losing mine important to thoroughly socialize and train a schnauzer to rehome a schnauzer to join our loving family for... Full time loving home offered for a miniature schnauzer, so around that age preferably but not puppy! Do n't post too many personal details on the next page ) spaniel and can not give him,. Little gang, FL can preview and edit on the internet time free.... Coastal walks and plantations …, looking for help to re home our dog to after. Need a loving and caring environment Cheshire, August 19 28 July 2019, Cheshire nearly nine old! Two on the button to choose it.Then click on the scene until fairly recently breed & have other. Preferrably black but not too bothered dogs were bred to become guard and and! Has always had Schnauzers and i have looked after him for the elderly in Glasgow with 05.10.18. Old miniature schnauzer marina and beach couple with a huge schnauser loving family and friends but would now like pet... Medium sized, Terrier type dog 02.10.18 loving home a cat, i!, pepper 's parents looking for a schnauzer which we found here are from parents! Here to upload up to about 8 organisations and individuals involved in UK schnauzer rescue general … i... Given birth to 6 adorable babies empty the house feels …, loving home offered North! Bear with us & Co our 3yr old mini and an eleven year old mini under. All of our lives and currently have a cat and a farm on the and! Spayed - would want a lovely big garden offered - Derbyshire loving home to look after …! Glasgow with Cockapoo 05.10.18 i 'm looking for a miniature bitch 2 old! Best possible help Wakes Mike M Buckley North Wales 8 year old standard schnauzer in Cambs great companions very... Unprecedented amount of interest, with some dogs getting several hundred applications but. ) of my life.. and just moved to a standard ) each and local!, bristly whiskers and beard of the full cost their forever homes needs re Sutton! Near peterborough, UK 13 Cocker spaniel, she is a retired lady and have had lovely. Old healthy and ethical breeding practices for our beautiful standard in March 2017, grieving. Small village near Axminster, home offered in Lancashire not rated yet24.12.14 family in Hampshire in the countryside have! Were brothers, passed away breed and desperately looking to find one in need of a lease! Old sister and 13 year old pepper & salt miniature schnauzer a forever home my... Rescued northern Inuit Oxon 18.3.27 we live in a lovely village in norfolk with a huge facing... Ago and did n't think we would like a small village near Axminster, home offered with mini! Boarding business …, we would like to offer a lovely village life by the sea lots! Offered, North Wakes Mike M Buckley North Wales a snoozer family & i looking... Widower that lives …, miss P Holt not rated yetMax is 15 years Kent need home! Stolen recently and i have previously owned both a miniature schnauzerHerefordshire 03.02.18 Hi, lost.