It cleared up really quickly once she'd been bathed and she was far less itchy. I'm not sure what has caused it, could the others have been chewing at her hair and making it sore (barbering) or is it to do with mites or something like that. 87.8k members in the guineapigs community. Unless your guinea has a skin problem, they do not need shampooing more often. This lotion contains no fragrances or colors and is completely natural with only natural preservatives like radish root and rosemary extracts. Often confused with mite infection, a fungal infection affects a guinea pig’s hair and top layer of skin. Unfortunately, not all nutritional components required for a healthy skin are found in commercial feeds. Some people have naturally dry skin, but even those with oily skin can suffer from skin dryness. 4 7 gorgeous pieces of wall art by Black artists to hang in your home They're all so stunning. Gentle Shampoo For Dry Itchy Skin. Vet confirmed it was just a bit of dry skin and nothing more serious and advised me to give her a couple of baths with a guinea speicailed shampoo. I have a few piggies (all formerly outdoor piggies) who just have mildly dry skin. Gorgeous Guineas shampoos. Our gorgeous new body scrub is packed with nutritious oils to soften and hydrate your skin whilst gently exfoliating old, dry skin leaving it smooth, supple and deliciously touchable. Our lotion is all natural and contains all natural preservatives like radish root and rosemary extracts. Don't bathe him - guinea pigs generally don't require bathing, and that will only make his skin drier. Using cold pressed oils, raw butters and coconut water, our favourite body cream is the perfect solution to help your skin become healthier and more radiant. It is easily identifiable via dry and scaly skin on the ears, nose and feet, sometimes with dandruff-like skin on the coat. Flaky skin occurs when the protective and natural oil that is produced by your skin start to dry up. They sell skincare products made especially for piggies, all with natural ingredients. Dry/eczema prone skins need intensive moisture that will help repair and this Gorgeous body cream delivers in abundance. What causes chronic dry skin in chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs? The skin around his head, ears and neck become aroused. This can help to prevent skin problems from occurring in the first place. If not addressed, infections can easily enter the body through the open skin. High humidity, age and stress are the top factors in … Hair will come out with a gentle tug and dead skin will be on the end of the hair. I am experienced with guinea pigs, and when got my guinea pig, Oreo, she had dry skin on one of her ears. When your skin is dry, the first step you will surely take is to apply lots of moisturizers, lotions, and crea Common Causes Of Dry Skin And Its Solutions! One of my guinea pigs has a bald spot. For caretakers of guinea pigs encouraging the proper techniques in handling … Dry skin, when neglected, can lead to skin cracks, fissures, and brittleness that can lead to a breakage in the continuity of the skin. Gorgeous Guineas website has some useful info on fungal skin conditions. Knowing how to prevent dry skin will save you from the hassle of dealing with it in the future. She was pretty sure it was dry skin too. 2 pack. It's obviously very important to get a proper diagnosis from the Vet first, but if it is fungal then I've heard good things about using Gorgeous Guineas' "Kwench Lotion" on small patches, especially on/around the ears. The easiest way to help with dry skin is … My other guinea pig, who … Our lotion is all natural and contains all natural preservatives like radish root and rosemary extracts. Healthy skin and hooves depend on a healthy environment, proper skin care, and proper diet. Too much shampooing can cause their skin to become dry and irritated. there are also a few spots of dry blood, it looks quite sore. I know she does not have mites, since we got her a long time ago and she's always had it. Early signs when your guinea pig get Mites and lice. Buck that dry skin with our rich and creamy Dragon's Blood Body Lotion which is a skin nourishing powerhouse that combines a blend of natural orange, cedar and patchouli essential oils with our incredibly soothing lotion base. she doesnt have any other skin … But I'm not so worried about it because I can go to the vet if I need to and it's healing really fast. There might be balding in the influenced area. You don't need very much at all to moisturize with, we … Noticed yesterday that one of my guinea pigs, Zag, has developed a bit of dry skin on her feet. Could this skin irritation be from the bedding your guinea pig is on? Layers of cacao (brilliant for your skin as it is packed with antioxidants) and strawberries (which are great for removing toxins from your body) make an irresistible combo . Affected skin of your guinea pig will get thick and, in some cases, yellowish and hard. You don't need very much at all to moisturize with, we recommend using it after your … My guinea pigs had some dry skin develop during a week that they were on pine bedding (sold to me from the pet store as 'the best' for guinea pigs -its not! She's shedding, since it's getting warmer, but also she has dandruff stuff and her skin under her fur is crazy dry. But my other guinea pig has very dry skin. Buck that dry skin with our rich and creamy Island Coconut Dream Body Lotion which is a skin nourishing powerhouse that combines a blend of natural coconut fragrance oil with our incredibly soothing lotion base. Best Gorgeous Homemade Herbal Facewash Powder for Oily And Dry Skin|DIY skin Lightening FacewashSubscribe to our channel for more such interesting videos! It sticks out slightly and just looks like a layer of skin that's died and gone a bit crusty and is hanging. Various forms of skin problems, including chronic dry skin, often stem from nutrient deficiencies. Buck that dry skin with our rich and creamy Unscented Natural Body Lotion which is a skin nourishing powerhouse that is all natural and soothing. The pet shop guy just said to put lotion on it, but I am afriad to do that. Having extremely dry skin may lead to the development of skin tags or the soft and small skin growths that can usually be found on your eyelids, armpits, neck and under your breasts. ), but it cleared up quickly after I switched to Aspen bedding. Gorgeous Guineas have This will result to water loss to up to seventy five times on a dry skin as compared to a healthy skin which has about twenty percent water content in it. H ave had a look in some of my books and … my 4 year old guinea pig has what seems like "dry skin" on her left ear. Diet and appropriate hydration are probably the most important factors in keeping skin healthy. Endoparasites My girl had the same and was very itching. Middle-aged people are the ones who are most prone to having it. How should I treat it. She has patches of dry, flaky skin, and, before you tell me to get her to the vet, I already have, and the vet took a skin scraping and decided it wasn't a parasite or anything like that. Your guinea pig will start itching always and might go hairless in some spots. Skin dryness is a common condition presented to dermatologists and cosmetologists. Fungal skin infection is a particular problem in the UK as there is always moisture in the air: cold and damp in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. Manuka WashBar Dog Shampoo Bar For Small Dogs and Puppies, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters - Natural Anti Itch for Dogs for Dog Allergy and Sensitive Skin. This skin issue can develop on any part of the body, be it the hands, the arms, or the leg area. 3 ‘I will never use anything else’: Amazon shoppers swear by this cream for eczema and dry skin An instant skin relief for less than $10. At my house, we heat with a wood stove, and the air gets really dry, even I have to use dandruff shampoo during this season! I know it's not mites because I see none, and my other guinea pig doesn't have it (bald spots.) Treating for mites and/or fungal is definitely worth doing initially. Gorgeous Guineas’ Lavender and Myrrh Lotion is both soothing, safe and successful! Being on hay that is dusty can also irritate their skin. Bathing routinely (once every 1-2 months) in Gorgeous Guineas shampoos helps but it never eliminates the slight flakiness in a couple of the pigs. Looks a lot like dry skin to me. When a case is advanced skin will be hot to touch, guinea may be fitting, lesions will be present where guinea has been trying to relieve the irritation. I've noticed that my merino (curly haired) guinea-pig has a dry patch around her one ear. Often, guinea pigs present with both fungal and parasitic problems at the same time and need treating for both. You don't need very much at all to moisturize with, we recommend … Pigs have a naturally dry skin, very few sweat glands, coats that will blow causing them to go bald overnight, and productive oil glands and scent glands. 80 votes, 14 comments. Is that okay or is there some other way to get rid of it. Guinea pigs originate from Peru, where the climate is warm and dry. Dry skin in animals gets worse this time of year because of colder temperatures and indoor heating. ive noticed that there's no hair growing there anymore.