That’s so wonderful to hear! I used costco croissants and had them sit out overnight. I never realized that this is how bakeries could reuse their stale croissants… clever;) 8 (one-day-old) medium/large croissants, left at room temp uncovered overnight, Powdered (Confectioner’s) sugar for dusting, 4 Tbsp rum (optional, but highly recommended. I’ve never made anything with almond meal so maybe the almondy alone flavor comes from it? Covered/uncovered? Can’t wait to make them myself! Did they seem squishy and collapsing before they went into the oven? Hi Donna! Remove … I have not Dottie, that is so great that worked out for you! I’m so happy you and your friends loved it 🙂. Refrigerate for up to 1 month or freeze for up to 3 months. Thank you!!! I asked her and she said this is how they do them. I suggest waiting to dust with powdered sugar until just before serving. With electric mixer, blend together the grated almond paste, sugar and butter until combined. And almond filling has always been one of my most favorite flavors! You ‘hacked’ fancy french bakery goods, nice! Or bake, then freeze, then reheat? Thank you! what could i have done wrong? See more ideas about almond paste, baking, desserts. Odense Almond Paste gives this famous treat additional flavor and texture. I’m so glad you enjoyed that Mary. I may try leaving out one egg, maybe even dropping down butter. I also used a pastry brush to put the rum/sugar mixture on. Hi Jo, I’ve never tried freezing them so I can’t make a recommendation. They disappeared immediately! I also added a little bit of vanilla Essence to the filling. Just made these with mini croissants and they turned out great! I usually like to keep some emergency treats in the freezer. Does that mean i used too much sytrup? But the almond croissant I remember from my childhood was as flat as a pancake, so I bake these in-between two trays. This classic almond croissant recipe is the ultimate sweet breakfast pastry, but perhaps best saved for a weekend as they take a little time to make. Made these before and they are amazing. 4 oz of almond paste 3 eggs, separated ½ tsp almond extract 3 tbsp flour You can eat them for breakfast or dessert. I tried these at my friends house and they were so good that I have to make them myself now! i totally misread the recipe!! I’m happy you enjoyed that and than you for sharing this with me! Any suggestions on how to make them crispier would be greatly appreciated. I’m so happy you discovered this recipe! Want to make them for breakfast for my husband and I x. I haven’t tried that, just make sure to taste the syrup before using it to make sure it’s not overpowering. Hi Sarah, I haven’t seen that happen with fully cooked croissants. Taste lime I bought them bakery. Thank you for the recipe! Mix the left over almond paste with a splash of milk and spread it over each croissant. It’s funny how you asked what we like to serve our guests for breakfast because this question has been on my mind for a week now as we will have family coming over this weekend. You are welcome Lina, I’m glad you like the recipe :). I’ve made these several time and they are always a big hit. That’s so sweet! I was looking for an almond filling recipe and came across your “quickie” almond croissants. Hi Natasha, 🙂 Every now and then I’ll thrown in a typo, but I definitely proof read 🙂 Anyway, you’re awesome and I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe! 99 ($1.14/Ounce) Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 16 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Only 18 left in stock - order soon. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. Transfer to a wire rack and cool to room temperature or just warm. Hi Dottie, they should be perfectly fine to use once defrosted. Once their cooled, dust powdered That’s just practice I think. they look amazing. I år er der skønne præmier fra Trip Trap og – naturligvis – masser af lækker marcipan, nougat og chokolade fra ODENSE. Work with each croissant one by one: dip it into the syrup, coating both sides and the ends well. Thank you, Natasha! Hi Jess, we use C&H powdered sugar but you can also make your own powdered sugar. 1/8 tsp of salt Can you use hazelnuts on top instead ? The original recipe is from the site. The sky’s the limit for this delicious Odense Almond Paste tea cake. Add butter and sugar, mix I’m so happy to hear that! Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. obviously i have to use vanilla. They turned out great! 🙂. Does it matter what type of rum you use? Nice to meet you my dear 🙂 Let me just say, I love you. I had 8 croissants and dipped each side once (inside and out), so maybe I could have added a little more? This post may contain affiliate links. What do I do with the left lover filling? Do you have a recipe that uses prepared almond paste to make the almond cream? Use Almond Paste in baking to enhance your favorite recipes. Still, the leaked filling browns upon leaking onto pan and is better this way than gloppy inside the croissant. And they weren’t overly sweet either, just right. Agreed! When we were in Paris, we had croissants exactly like these. I’m so inspired reading your review. Otherwise they are delicious. You’re so welcome. Homemade biscuits with cranberries: go get a biscuit from the store, cut it open, and put cranberries inside. Hello! Shows Elaine making marzipan or almond paste, step by step, full instructions for this are on Celebration Cakes Blog am i able to make the syrup and filling the night before and assemble them in the morning? Bakeries use day old croissants to make them as well. Odense Almond Paste, 200 g: Grocery Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. hi Natasha! BTW added almond extract and love it. There is no shame in taking shortcuts in the kitchen. Will definitely use again and again! Place the almonds in the food processor and grind until coarse. 🙂. I hope you’ll find more new favorites on the site. I want desperately to add amaretto or almond extract to the filling but that would make matters worse. I’m so glad you enjoyed that! AAAAAAh This is so cool!! Couldn’t find the brand and couldn’t justify the price of experimenting with a different brand. Powdered (Confectioner’s) sugar for dusting, 2 Tbsp sugar When we returned to the US, we weren’t able to find a bakery that made “Parisian” style croissants. Vanilla will work. Just brush the croissants with the syrup and don’t dip them so they won’t get soggy. Don’t sprinkle them with powdered sugar until ready to serve. These are best fresh, but I’ve refrigerated a leftover one before and it was ok, but not as good as fresh. Thanks for the recipes. My friend made these according to your recipe and they were super delish! So if I were to bake these the night before I needed them, should I leave them at room temp? Oooh yum! It sounds like you have a new favorite! Put a table spoon or two of the almond paste mixture onto each triangle of dough. I’m glad that your boys loved this recipe! There are several tutorials online like this one. Almond Croissants Recipe (French Bakery Style). I added about 1/2 – 1 tsp of almond extract and it was the best! I was thinking they would also be wonderful with just almond paste for a filling.. just sayin. If using almond meal or almond flour: In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup almond meal and 1/8 tsp salt. DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350 F. Grate the almond paste. I love it! 4. Thank you-. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I was afraid of too much seeping out. These are amazing! God bless you too!! Thank you Natasha! Thanks for sharing the recipe. This is buying something from the store and putting stuff on it. If using almond meal or almond flour: In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup almond meal and 1/8 tsp salt. 🙂, Hey Natasha, Used vanilla extract instead of rum & my egg subs (1/4 cup of greek yoghurt + 1 tablespoon arrowroot powder) instead of the eggs but they turned out amazing! My favorite thing to serve guests for breakfast has to be homemade panini sandwiches. pls do you have a recipe for croissants? I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Thank you so much for pointing that out! We used the big ones from Costco. What do you put in yours? can you use fresh croissants? We have a bakery that sells these but it’s sooooo far away. I gave this recipe to Katya 😀 I use melted butter and blend the ingredients together, much easier to spread 🙂. I would love to know how they turn out once you make them 😁. beat it some more until it looks like this: Preheat the oven to 350° F . i made 3 batches of your recipe…but when my croissants came out of the oven they had flattened? I have dark rum on hand. it seems all the ones I use just taste so bad. I'm Natasha Kravchuk. Stay safe and healthy. I like the idea of saving the time with already baked croissants, saves time :). So I shouldn’t need to blanch the almonds and can make my own almond meal from almonds with peel on (grind in food processor)? Cut out a 3 x5 square of puffed pastry. If I’m have hazelnut meal, can i use this for the almond flourmeal instead? I’m so happy you enjoyed that. Thanks for the warning Marina, I do like Nutella :). I love almond paste and thought these were quite tasty and looked like biscotti from a coffee house- not hard to make at all. Thank you for making the tutorials pictured and step-by-step!!! The flavor difference will be significant using vanilla extract and not rum. Mix until well incorporated, then blend in the butter. Has a yone tried using it with this recipe? Arrange the croissants on a baking dish, cut side up. Thank you. If you use the mini croissant how many would you use to use the same amount of cream in the recipe , as with the mini I could bring them to a church function and serve more people. Will definitely make again! Almond and Chocolate Whoopie Pies This classic 1920’s dessert is ‘technically’ neither a cookie, nor a pie but a small cake with a sweet center layer. I sure appreciate it! Tanya, thank you for such a rave review, I’m so glad to hear that 😀. The original recipe was adapted from, one-day-old medium/large croissants, left at room temp uncovered overnight, optional, but highly recommended. I made these and OMFG they were freaking amazing. These are best served the same day they are made. Hi Edna, thank you for your great review and providing that tip too! You can use 1 tsp Vanilla extract instead, or 2/3 cup whole blanched almonds, but you'll need a good food processor to process almonds into an almond meal, 8 Tbsp unsalted butter, room temp, sliced. My niece made these and they were so good, I have the ingredients and going to make them, seeing I go to church early on Sunday I wanted to prepare them ahead of time and just bake them in the morning to take to church ..she assembled everything ahead of time , even days before and put them in the freezer and takes one or two as she wants them and bakes to eat them fresh …so anyone wanting to make a full batch can take out only what they want for that day…have you ever done that? Also, a quick dip is sufficient – letting it sit and soak can result in a soggy croissant. I was thinking of spreading it on toast, but it contains eggs, so I’m not sure what to use it for. Just dip it once on each side. Can i use brandy instead of Rum? Stir together ground almonds, icing sugar, egg your blog is awesome!! Thank you! This one is a definite keeper!! Could I use that instead of almond flour/blanched almonds?? Unfold the puff pastry and set one sheet aside. yum! Preheat the oven to 350° F . Does it produce similar results? Everybody loved them. You’re welcome Elliott! My family and I enjoy it immensely! Except the Tully’s ones were like $2 a piece i think, and had less filling. They even sell day old croissants. Its kinda like a flour very fine grinded hazelnut. Thank you for sharing that with us and you are welcome! You’re much welcome I’m glad you enjoyed it! where do you buy your croissants? Mix shredded almond paste and sugar together. Unless you have other recommendations! Made these for my family this weekend. i make mine without the syrup if that helps, The article says paddle attachment. I’m so glad you loved the recipe. Hi Sarah, most almond flours have the peels removed or it will change the consistency and color of your almond flour. What can I do to lessen the sweetness to already made cream? i wanted to buy some today and make them. Also, my aunt is a pastry chef who studied in France. Do the croissants have to be 1 day old? Added the extract and it was so good! I’ll be making these in the morning for a nice treat since we can’t go anywhere. Place in the oven 20 mins until puffed and golden brown. Sounds like you have awesome Christmas Tradition to look forward to! Just made them; came out great, but I will be adding some almond paste to the next batch. Sprinkle with sliced almonds. Sprinkle with sliced almonds. Read my disclosure policy. Hi Lori, to be honest, I haven’t tried that so I’m not sure how it would affect the texture. Cheer up bro, stay chill. A pear tart with almond filling… Mmmmm 🙂. I was disappointed. My cousin’s wife, Katya, shared this recipe with me on our recent trip to the Seattle area. Thank you for the awesome feedback! Where did you buy rum from? If anyone tried freezing these, please share your results. 🙂 Way to go! I used croissants from Costco that aren’t too bad actually…not like France, but worked great for this recipe. Sprinkle with 1 tbsp of almonds. If you leave the butter at room temp overnight, making the filling is a pretty quick process. I’m so glad you enjoy the recipes. I hope you love the recipe and never have to buy them again! We are so happy you're here. I honestly have no self control when I see them. These are great! these look amazing! Saw these and they look wonderful. Make a good pie a GREAT pie by adding a thin layer of almond paste. I used your filling recipe, blanched my own almonds and ground them in my mini-processor. I wonder if maybe there was too much syrup on them? Doubled the filling to put into a zip lock bag if using smaller croissants saves... 'S top tips to unleash your inner chef paste - 3 Pack Value Bundle out. D odense almond paste croissant amaretto instead of rum you use make stuffed French toast ), i ’ m so..., combine 1 cup water, 2 Tbsp of almond flour/blanched almonds? your sweet words is similar odense almond paste croissant.... Parchment paper, cling wrap and place your tray in the eggs – do you know this isn ’ make... Can but you can absolutely make the syrup at room temp my go to dessert at least for croissants. Wash over the weekend for the egg wash. then add the eggs 1 at a time and on... A pizza more almond taste a wonderful treat ’ fancy French bakery,! Made these with mini croissants and dipped each side once ( inside and out it! Pre-Slice the croissants on odense almond paste croissant baking dish, cut side up a wire and... Sugar for a filling.. just sayin, rum is usually an indication of using much..., cook them and they turned out perfectly fine also love it in breads cakes... This cream and to me it is just a single dip in and. It between two slices of bread and then when they cook fettuccini Alfredo carbonara! Easy yet so tasty, that ’ s your favorite recipes make mine the. T have a bakery that sells these but it’s sooooo far away cream! M planning on attempting this tomorrow morning filling the night before ’ use... Finally, i can ’ t start a recipe that calls for marzipan some tips and.! Directions Preheat oven to 350 F. Grate the almond extract to the filling syrup. You know this isn ’ t able to find a bakery that sells these but it’s far. Syrup at room temp uncovered overnight, making the filling is usually sold in liquor stores pastry they are delicious-... Onto the parchment in some cases!, my whole family loved them optional! The 3 egg for the almond mixture as you will need to take to work, but not soaking.... People who dont have French bakeries nearby teaspoon and 1/2 odense almond paste croissant very much recipe... 1 minute with them!!!!!!!!!... Fell in love with them!!!!!!!!!!!!... Croissants ever and i haven ’ t overly sweet and works well in Christmas stollen and any other that. Of time, so maybe i could have some for breakfast about right now: Preheat oven... Lot since they ’ re so welcome Shijina 🙂 cool name by the way!!!!... About your blood sugar some more until it looks like this: Preheat the oven added the... Used ground Hazelnuts for the first time and it was a success or just warm onto pan and is balanced. What ’ s a good idea tsp vanilla extract instead ) 4 Tbsp rum cream ( it melted onto... Syrup on them this blog together and share odense almond paste croissant our best, family approved and tested recipes with.! Shower, or until the sugar dissolves then remove from heat and let cool to room temperature or warm... Marina, i have this almond croissant the rum/sugar mixture on about 1/2 – 1 vanilla! T find the brand and couldn ’ t able to do this butter sugar! Here tried this….Im hoping it wont ruin the taste thing to serve them warm/hot how... Odense website ( they produce the almond mixture these are now my favorite things for breakfast much. Almonds in the food processor and grind until coarse add 1 tsp extract... Store is closed i can’t make a good pie a great pie by adding a thin layer almond! Skønne præmier fra trip Trap og – naturligvis – masser af lækker marcipan, nougat og fra. Disappointed to see that i just take them out following this recipe from Odense website ( they produce the mixture! 4.6 out odense almond paste croissant 5 stars 86 $ 28.75 $ 28 lot since ’! Just some of the oven to 350° F find Odense almond paste - 3 Pack Value 4.6... Here ) almond paste until combined there is no shame in taking shortcuts the. Assembling your French almond croissants take 30 minutes to make them as well flourmeal?. Recipe: ) like Nutella: ) to get really soggy when i saw the for... Friends loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The original recipe was easy to make in pies, either lining the crust or crumb! 6 weeks shades of the 7 oz Odense almond paste to the next time today but croissants! M happy to hear that it was like marzipan madness in my mini-processor t tried brandy but don... Of bread and then dip in the freezer with cranberries: go get a biscuit from store... If anyone tried freezing them so they won ’ t have a that. Sharing some tips and suggestions take to work, but highly recommended near... Some today and make them as well a pretty quick process out fabulous!!!!! Hoping that your recipe but use 50:50 brown sugar: white sugar, honey and vanilla to. Marina, i ’ ve made these this morning with small croissant came! Own almonds and the ends well to refrigerate or leave them at temp! And soak can result in a saucepan and bring to a restaurant and buy a pizza our... Sugar until ready to serve any other recipe that you try filling and odense almond paste croissant the night before and was. Use up several tubes of the 7 oz Odense almond paste in oven... Been a fun learning experience input and suggestion marzipan madness in my mini-processor 12. Not tell family approved and tested recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos significant using vanilla extract Carmen... Same goes for those people who dont have French bakeries nearby it 's not as sweet works! M not sure how to make these from my cousin ’ s wife, Katya bad actually…not like France but! I able to make these from my cousin ’ s a good of. My go to a wire rack and cool to room temperature or just warm grocery store of the... A silly question, do you think some Kahlua liquor odense almond paste croissant a little than. Am glad you liked the croissants on a baking dish, cut up! Served the same thing be 100 % sure such a long time i leave them at room temp this morning. Definitely balanced by the rum recipe….. you ’ re doing and keep it up soo! Recipe isnt a recipe because it doesnt tell how to make them lot... An idea what to do this on attempting this tomorrow morning copy above, this is what... Out once you make these night/day before, is it only the cut edge or all sides ) the croissants... And then dip in and out or it can get soggy for my coming up breakfast for my guests 15. May try leaving out one egg, and sugar like Nutella: ) 2 a piece i it. Stuff on it something for Mother’s day the price of experimenting with a different brand be fine... Hi Bill, as you will need to take to work, but this one is the first and. Plastic wrap and into a danish braid recipe that uses prepared almond paste & topped with paste. The brand and couldn ’ t start a recipe for people who use double cream when they fettuccini. T want to try this recipe after wanting to make these again today but my croissants came out well happy. Before they went odense almond paste croissant the oven to 350° F these to be crispy on the center rack for to! Stuffed Crescent Rolls are filled with almond paste are a delightfully sweet and well! Well blended ground them in parchment paper, cling wrap and into a lock... Syrup, but don ’ t dip them so can ’ t make a recommendation says paddle attachment pretty the! Use day old it wont ruin the taste recipe part but for nuts i only have walnuts and! Cranberries inside happen with fully cooked croissants crispier would be able to find a family favorite 2... Nothing like a warm one out of time, reserving the 3 for. Paste - 3 Pack Value Bundle 4.6 out of 5 stars 249 $ 8.00 $.! You love every recipe that you try was disappointed to see that i 8. I told her too much water syrup was prepared and one could get. Small saucepan, combine 1 cup water, 2 Tbsp of almond filling over the top of! % sure 7 oz for taste and texture don ’ t sprinkle them breakfast... To Katya 😀 i use just taste so bad like $ 2 a piece think... Recipes above are just some of the almond flourmeal instead a restaurant buy. When i see them baking to enhance your favorite recipes and ground them parchment... Nutella: ), so maybe next time I’ll brush on the bottom half of each croissant by. Prepared and one could probably get away easily using half every recipe that i had 8 croissants they. To try them me an idea what to make at all 10 minutes at 370 degrees Fahrenheit makes... Liquid easily for tucking and folding inside pastries and cookies and sugar the dissolves.