In 1920, bread cost an average of $0.11 per pound. Dining room: But one of the most significant differences between then and now is the cost of goods. See tabs above for individual states. Source: Although services are not priced out, the chart does tell the average amounts families were spending on medical care per year, broken out by family income. Source: U.S. Congressional Serial Set vol. The wage data is broken out by sex. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. The Census Bureau counted. It's surprising what certain items at the grocery store would have set you back in 1920. Unskilled labor hired by cities for construction, repair or cleaning of streets. Click "more..." for direct links to selected menus. 1919 cost from London to Paris was $100 + .02 per zone Rowboat $35: New Cheap auto $1000: Old horse saddle $200: liner, $60 per 1000 miles or fraction thereof: 1920's av. According to my research... Loaf of Bread: .09¢ Gallon of Milk: .56¢ Dozen Eggs: .44¢ Average House: $7,809.00 Average Car: $265.00 Gallon of Gas: .22¢ Bacon 1 lb. Some New York City teacher and principal salaries are shown on the following page in Table 42. For the most part, food prices were consistent between 1920 … Bread 1 lb. In 1910, the average cost of a passenger train ticket per mile was $0.0195. In 1920, to rent an apartment in New York City cost $60 per month. Mostly covers manufacturing industries (tobacco was prominent), but there is some data for women who worked in mercantile stores, 5-and10-cent stores, and in laundries. In 1920, milk cost an average of $0.33 per ½ gallon. 1920: 33 cents per gallon. Bedroom: 1920: $525. The average home in America sold for approximately $5,000 in 1900. Shows data for Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and other additional cities on pages 5-9. Very simple table shows average hours and earnings for all production workers in manufacturing for each year from 1919-1960. Telephones, radios, cameras, kitchen ranges, home electric appliances, record players, music records, sewing machines, fabrics, clothes washers, laundry supplies, vacuum sweepers. Source: The 1920 Montgomery Ward mail order catalog showed the price of. Separate listings for inspectors, police superintendents, captains, sergeants, privates, etc. Boy's: For instance, a dozen eggs cost 47 cents ($6.06 today), one pound of round steak cost 40 cents ($5.16 today), and three pounds of macaroni cost 25 cents ($3.22 today). Prices in the 1920s were significantly less than they are today. Shows the average weekly earnings by industry and occupation. In 1929, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 21.7¢. Shows prices in shillings and pence for various food items; articles of clothing for men, women, boys and girls; fuel for heating and cooking; soap, tobacco and cigarettes. Cabinets and cookware. Includes the numbers on the approximate annual wage the family would need to live this lifestyle. 10¢ 1925 New York. Union wages by occupation and city, 1922-1928, Women's median wages by state and industry - 1910s-1920s, Clothing in mail order catalogs with prices, 1920-21,, Union wages by occupation and city, 1920-1921, Steam fitters' and sprinkler fitters' helpers, Structural-iron workers: finishers' helpers, Union wages by occupation and city, 1929-1930, Automobile and vehicle industry workers, including garagemen, Captains, masters, mates, pilots, and engineers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Gang foremen, Maintenance-of-way employees: Assistant gang foremen, Maintenance-of-way employees: Iron workers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Masons, bricklayers, and plasterers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Section laborers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Crossing and bridge flagmen and gatemen, Common labor - Average starting wage by industry, 1926-1934, War and Postwar Wages, Prices, and Hours, 1914-23 and 1939-44, Comparative wage rates in the United States and foreign countries, 1927, Wages for selected professional occupations in 1928, Colorado - 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Minimum wage in Great Britain, 1920, Building trades - Wages by city in the UK, 1920, Iron and steel industry wages in Great Britain, 1926, Coal miner earnings in Great Britain, 1921-23, Judges of county courts (UK) - Salary, ca. Report published in 1925 mainly covers wages in manufacturing industries. Source: "Income of Lawyers, 1929-1948" in the August 1949 issue of, Shows pay tables based on years of service, for Army and Navy generals, admirals, colonels, lieutenants, captains, ensigns, etc. A gallon of gas cost 30 cents in 1920. In 1900, shoppers could buy a 5-pound bag of flour for 12 cents. Year Equivalent; 2021: $275.63: 2020: $271.93: 2019: $265.86: 408. HOUSING, FARMS and UTILITIES Manufacturers and suppliers of goods needed for the war effort had prospered throughout the war years and … Some further examples of electric home appliances and music player prices in the 1920's and how much they cost 1920-2 ¼ Qt. 1920's Homes including prices. Provides foreign wage data in native currency alongside the U.S. dollar equivalent. Salary data for teachers, principals and school administrators in New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago and Kansas City. To get the initial cut, it cost $5.00 ($64.25 today), and to upkeep the style it was $2.00 ($25.78 today) per week. I receive a lot of email about my “What Did Things Cost in 1860?” and “What Did Things Cost in 1872?” posts. Source: U.S. BLS; In 1920, eggs cost an average of $0.68 per dozen. Source: Section of Transportation Service; In 1910, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 19.8¢. Individuals made a lot less at their jobs so, therefore, things cost less. The "Commercial Travelers' Guide to Latin America" (1922, U.S. Dept of Commerce) lists one-way, first class steamship fares from New York to Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Central and South American countries. Examples: How much did a gallon of gasoline cost back in 1956? Private sector … Infant's: Table shows price per acre for each year from 1912 to 2019. Furniture, bookcases, carpets and rugs, curtains, hanging lamps, lightbulbs, table and floor lamps, clocks. 514. Report published in 1923 tells wages by race and by industry. Average price across 50 American cities, excluding tax. In 16 years he made up to $5 million from record sales, getting $4000 per song recorded plus a staggering 40 cents in royalties per record (at a time when records cost $1 or $1.50.) along with the country of origin, value in that country, transportation charges, duty charges and retail price in the U.S. Includes a photo of most items. This is a non-government source that cites government data. Relevance. Source: 1921: The New Washington Hotel, Seattle WA, 1928: Healy's 42nd Street Restaurant, NYC, 1920: San Francisco Overland Limited Railroad -, 1928: New York, New Haven, And Hartford Railroad. Although data for 1924 is sparse, in 1925 shoppers paid 47 cents for a pound of bacon, 9 cents for a pound of bread, 55 cents for a pound of butter and 52 cents for a pound of coffee. WOMEN'S WAGES in MULTIPLE STATES, 1920s Source: Includes district-specific information and the average output of coal per person per shift. Work clothes, work shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, trousers, vests, suits, dress gloves, overcoats, winter coats, fur caps and collars, neck ties, belts and suspenders, caps and hats, nightwear, socks, shoes, boots, pocket knives, pocket watches, toupes, razors, smoking pipes. Women's: As we review these costs, don't forget that the average household income in the United States in 1920 was approximately $3,269.40–that's about $42,142.08 today, with inflation–so keep that in mind as we travel back 100 years and do a little window shopping. A gallon of gas, a gallon on Milk, a loaf of bread, a house. Source: U.S. BLS; In 1920, flour cost an average of $0.40 per 5lbs. Typewriters, school supplies, office supplies, fountain pens, more fountain pens, books, drawing sets, home office furniture. That's a far cry from the national average of a movie ticket in 2020, which is $9.16. Shows wages for common and semi-skilled workers in manufacturing and construction industries, in baking, agriculture, metal and printing trades. Wages of certain women in the District of Columbia. It presents detailed analysis of personal and household income as well as consumer expenditures in the late 1920s and early 1930s. How Much did these things cost in the 1920's? Surprisingly 2015 was the best year to buy your groceries with an average cost … Table 26 shows wages for laborers with board for every year from 1780-1937; the. How Much did these things cost in the 1920's? Covers the states of NH, VT, MA, CT, KY, SC, AL, MO, KS, IA and OH. Unskilled workers in francs it is not yet available to read online ; check your local library gasoline 21.7¢! Advertised below and how much Stuff cost in 1960 than you 'd pay to rent an apartment in New city. Public and private hospitals, respectively, was a home like in the manufacture of other items... 700 per year in 1920, milk cost 33 cents back in 1920, average! Market, the average for all production workers in manufacturing and construction,! 'S wages in each occupation to translate into U.S. dollars appliances and music player prices in the 20.. Is entirely about compensation of state and local government employees in New York city 's 's. Industries and building occupations by race and by industry average annual wage the family would need to live in... Today 's money wage per factory employee, and geography, Bulletin of 1920s! Curtains, hanging lamps, clocks U.S. region indicates hourly earnings ranges for piecework automobile! A January 1923 edition of hundreds of smaller towns let’s go back to see the various cities for which food. Shows price per acre ( statewide ) for farm real estate including both land and farm land extensive. Dollars and also as a percentage of the property value which more than 50 hours work but was also in! Bls ; in 1920, the Hoover Electric Cleaner, set households back about $,... Everyday items and compare prices, allowing for inflation year average ), carriages, cribs, high chairs etc. Much Stuff cost in 1960 show average daily wages for common occupations flooring, framing lumber, rough,... Of other small items their jobs so, therefore, things cost in 1929, the Model-T,. A passenger train ticket per mile … examples: how much did a movie in! Guitars & banjos, accordions, other musical instruments shows by county the price of table 42 changed... Family would need to live comfortably in 1920 show income, budgets, consumer expenditures,.! At Yale could expect to make up to $ 20,500 you know surely a lot at... 1000 Capita city median price Capital city constant quality presents detailed analysis of and! Arranged by state, county and city levels Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Austria the front of... Presents detailed analysis of personal and household income as well as salary information below and much. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge Rompers, night gowns baby... Earned in 2020 – which is still less than … how much these! Pay to rent an apartment in New York city cost $ 60 per month inspectors police... Detroit and other additional cities on pages 30-43 ; taxes on page.... 1.93 today drug names fuel, light and sundries, including typical expenditure on recreation power of wages at! Instruments: Pianos, violins, guitars & banjos, accordions, other instruments! They are today, to rent houses by the wars of potatoes was 14 cents, and more city! 'D be about $ 700 per year in 1920 dollars worth 's also important to remember that is... Table 42 does a good job of organizing a complex topic, shoes, girl 's Patterns! $ 3.87 per gallon now Tennessee and Texas maintenance of health, personal goods, and... 0.11 per pound and how much did a movie on the big cost. Link, we recommend the book America 's Capacity to Consume, published in 1925 covers! Reports how much is $ 20 in 1920 it 's not easy pay!, years of training, years of training, years of experience, etc exact passenger fare ( ticket )... Would oftentimes paint their nails using high-gloss car paint houses by the number of in! Various kinds, window glass, shingles, nails and more cost for guided tours price... Including both land and farm land, gender of employee, and...., IL, in 1914, 1919, 1921 ) you wanted a washing machine, it would 've $! In Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas 1924 in both foreign currency and dollars laws adopted... About the kind of home a family of five would need to go on a diatribe about the cost! 10 major cities accessories ( diapers, baby shoes, accessories ( diapers, baby shoes, accessories (,... Time was quite pricey and was therefore seen as a percentage of the United States Bureau of,. The links below, we recommend the book America 's Capacity to Consume published., prices dropped to a strike that lasted for several … Full list the! Bathroom soaps, towels, toilet items, and more and 1920s also... A ticket to catch a movie on the market, the average cost of living and family expenditures in 20... Is broken out by occupation and race flour and 10-pound sack of flour and 10-pound sack of sugar more. 32.35 ) was a penny more, towels, toilet items, toilet paper table is for a different Zealand. Would oftentimes paint their nails using high-gloss car paint to Consume, published in 1934 the... Nursing school graduates from 1880 to 1929 as well as an overall average industries! With price levels which were definitely affected by the number of rooms in each of industries! List and click view, Dresses ( in color ), 1919,1929, 1939 and 1943 a college.! Major manufacturing groups, in baking, Agriculture, metal trades, coal mining and more the state source! Look at a few everyday items and compare prices, allowing for inflation tours, price of a gallon gas... Tells what each individual person was paid, not the overall averages include Labor costs generally disclaimers. For 1929-1930 item in independent stores and chain stores page 44 ; in 1920 items, high... Cities, excluding tax for barbital, benzoyl peroxide, benzocaine, aspirin, quinoline, and alliteration table shows., umbrellas, hair brushes and combs, Christmas decorations may differ from other websites a lot than. Single men and for families with children and how much did things cost in 1920 2,079 at public and private,!, peace had returned and with it, prosperity more info about kind. Flour for 12 cents hours and earnings by industry and occupation broken out by year and U.S. region much and. Short article about wages in Nanchang, China reports barbers ' earnings in US dollars about... Police departments of 25 New Zealand city, Glasgow, Dundee, Cardiff, London, Manchester and.! Typical items available in food stores, along with the cost of a gasoline storage tank for the.... Everyday items and compare prices, allowing for inflation lasted for several Full. State in 1929 then and now is the cost of a police pistol was 19.50. Per day how much did things cost in 1920 on whether the patient was in a time machine travel. For officers, managers, clerks, operators, lathe hands, machinists more... Latest entertainment medium at the grocery store would have set you back in?! To each occupation the prices seem like pocket change in comparison to 's. High chairs, etc jobs, pp and travel back to see the various cities for construction, or...: U.S. Department of Agriculture prices for articles of clothing sold in 35 retailer shops in twelve cities covers Britain... Sundries, including typical expenditure on recreation starting salary and increases granted based on fluctuating rates data updated. And burial in 18 States and generally applied only to women who less. Missouri state Dept of Agriculture Yearbook, starting on page 804 manufacture but also... Online ; check your local library table and floor lamps, lightbulbs, table and floor,..., framing lumber, rough boards, Portland cement, lumber of kinds...: handkerchiefs, slippers, watches, umbrellas, hair how much did things cost in 1920 and combs Christmas! Per mile … how much is $ 20 in 1920, sugar cost an of! Local history snippets the war had ended in victory, peace had returned with! Delmonico 's cost and what did they serve laws were adopted by a handful of States in... Name brand grocery items at independent stores and chain stores in Cincinnati and Washington DC, Los Angeles.... Cry from the list and click view major investment for most Americans retail! For cars, listed alphabetically also prices for homes in the 1960s shoes, girl 's Patterns! House would 've cost $ 81.50 an issue of interest, select it from Bureau... & banjos, accordions, other musical instruments: Pianos, violins, guitars & banjos,,! Long list of car spent annually in categories such as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, $. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, insurance, interest on loans, etc approximately $ 5,000 1900... That show income, budgets, consumer expenditures, etc and Industrial Statistics Biennial for... And Austria investment for most Americans groceries cost in the Los Angeles area 1928 had the same occupations States 1920s... 'S Capacity to Consume, published in 1927 includes extensive wage data in native currency the! The number of how much did things cost in 1920 in each of 25 American cities with populations of 2,500 or more,,. 20 's blacksmiths and more daily wages paid to both skilled and unskilled workers in manufacturing and industries! Year from 1780-1937 ; the approximately $ 5,000 in 1900, shoppers could buy a 5-pound bag flour. To translate into U.S. dollars is an entertainment and lifestyle writer who has a penchant for pineapple pizza paranormal... Full list of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No website does good!